Saturday, July 10, 2010

7/10/10 Observing Log

Second observing session of 2010. I didn't observe much in the summer last year, so this is an opportunity to see some summer objects.

Observed these objects tonight:

  • Saturn - Spent a bit of time looking at Saturn. The rings are starting to open.

  • M5 - First sighting. Bigger than I expected. Dim but very nice starfield. Can see lots of individual stars, especially with averted vision. Looks good through 8mm Orion Stratus at 150x.

  • Arcturus - Attempted to attach my camera holder to my scope and take a picture of Arcturus through the eyepiece, but was not particularly successful. The picture came out, but was not very impressive.

  • Antares - Took a look at Antares in order to star hop over to M4.

  • M4 - First sighting. Found it by star hopping from Antares.

Hopefully I'll get out more often between now and winter.

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