Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1/21/09 Observing Log

New variable polarizing moon filter arrived today. I also installed the free Cartes du Ciel software program a few days ago and used it to print out a chart of where the planet Uranus is located, in an attempt to see it tonight.

Observed these objects tonight:

  • Venus - Saw half-crescent Venus. Very bright - bright enough to ruin night vision! Used the new polarizing filter to cut down the brightness a bit.

  • Uranus - First sighting ever of Uranus. Using the Cartes du Ciel star chart, was able to star-hop to it from Venus. Needed 100x magnification to resolve into a tiny disc.

  • M42, M43 (Orion Nebula) - Quick view of this nebula again.

  • M45 - Observed Pleiades again using various eyepieces.

  • Castor - Split Castor again.

  • M31 - First sighting. Not as impressive when viewing visually as the amazing Hubble pictures always show it. Uniformly grey "splotch" without much hint of center brightness.

  • M32 - First sighting. Small hazy patch near M31. Could see easily through low power eyepieces.

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