Monday, January 19, 2009

1/19/09 Observing Log

Observed these objects tonight:

  • M42, M43 (Orion Nebula) - Spent some time looking closely at wispy detail.
  • Rigel - Just a quick look to align laser, finder, and main scope.
  • M79 - First sighting. Star hopped to it. I'd describe it as a "smudge" when viewing under moderate power using 27mm Orion Edge-On (44x). Very faint and no detail really visible from my location. I was pleased that I could find it at all.
  • M41 - Quickly caught another look.
  • Saturn - First time seeing this planet again in my own scope since the mid-1980's. Rings close to edge-on, so less impressive than 20 years ago. Could see a few faint small moons along the ring plane.

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