Thursday, February 5, 2009

2/5/09 Observing Log

Moon is 5/6 full, so there was a lot of wash-out due to moonlight.

Observed these objects tonight:
  • M93 - First sighting. Star-hopped from Aludra to Epsilon Puppi to M93. Not visible in finder. Nice little open cluster.

  • M47 - Noticed nice Trapezium-like star arrangement in center.

  • M46 - Very washed out from moon light. Definitely found it though. More faint than M47, but many more stars. More interesting than M47.

  • M48 - First sighting. Star hopped from Alpha Monocerotis to Zeta Monocerotis to M48. Fairly wide open cluster.

  • M34 - First sighting. Star hopped from Algol. Sparse cluster under moonlit sky.
I also attempted to find the Leo Triplet (M65, M66, NGC 3628) but the sky was too washed out from light pollution and the moon to detect anything. I'll give it another shot in two weeks when the moon is new.

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