Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2/4/09 Observing Log

One final new eyepiece arrived today, a 35mm Orion Ultrascopic (gives 34x with my scope).

Observed these objects tonight:

  • M42, M43 (Orion Nebula) - First light through 35mm Orion Ultrascopic. The eyepiece has a huge exit pupil that takes some getting used-to. Very sharp view though.

  • Moon - Looked a bit at the half-moon (last quarter) using 35mm, first unfiltered and then through variable moon filter.

  • M41 - Nice views through new 35mm. Also tried out 19mm Orion Edge-On and 16mm Orion Edge-On.

  • NGC 2360 - First sighting. Could see this by star-hopping from Sirius to Gamma and Iota Canis majoris. Nice view.

  • M47 - First sighting. Used 16mm Orion Edge-On and 13mm Orion Stratus.

  • M46 - First sighting. Same eyepieces as above.

  • NGC 2374 - First sighting. Same eyepieces as above.

  • M50 - First sighting. Same eyepieces as above. Nice open cluster.

  • M45 - Observed using new 35mm eyepiece. Very sharp views, but washed out a bit from moonlight.

  • Saturn - Faint moon to left of rings, much brighter moon farther left.

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